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Paella Pan


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The set comes with the 115cm polished steel Paella pan, the gas burner, a very sturdy braced tripod stand, gas hose, propane regulator and a 80cm beech handled paella skimmer spoon.

Although these pans were originally designed for Paella, think of them as giant frying pans, meaning that you can cook any food you like, as you would in a frying pan just catering sized!

This is a useful piece of kit for a mobile caterer as you can expand your product range and the services you can offer very easily, without great expense and without having to own large amounts of catering equipment.

This set includes the following:

  • 800mm 32KW Three Ring Gas Burner with gas cut off values
  • 115cm Polished Steel Paella Pan
  • Extra strong braced tripod Stand
  • Gas hose & propane regulator included
  • 80cm Stainless Steel Paella Spoon
  • Serves around 100-120 Servings of Paella
  • CE Certified
  • Runs on Butane or Propane

This set comprises of our 800mm gas burner which has gas cut-off flame failure valves for each ring, giving it a certification for indoor and outdoor use.

The burners will run on both Propane & Butane. It has been fully adjusted to UK gas pressures and is fully CE certified

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