Coffee Machines & Grinders

Photo Power Specification Dimensions
Gas or Electric 4 group , semi automatic water dosage, water softener and pressure pump  
Gas or Electric 3 group, semi automatic water dosage, water softener and pressure pump W900mm x D515mm x H465mm
Gas or Electric 2 group, semi automatic water dosage, water softener and pressure pump W780mm x D515mm x H465mm
Electric Coffee Grinder Various
n/a Knock Out Draw Various


Are you passionate about delivering a high-quality service for each of your customer’s? If so, Excel Trailers has just the solution! Any of the catering coffee grinders that we supply go hand-in-hand with espresso making; can you afford not to satisfy your customer’s caffeine cravings?

If you were to ask a barista what the most integral piece of equipment is for their catering establishment, you can bet that they will say the catering coffee machine! The catering coffee grinders are used to bring out the best flavours and aromas of coffee, allowing you to serve fresh, delicious coffee, every time.

We supply the industrial coffee machines to accommodate the ever-demanding needs of coffee drinkers, making sure that you produce coffee consistently and to a high-quality standard. Our catering coffee grinders are priced competitively, allowing you to find products that match your needs and budget perfectly- transforming your business for the better.

Although we provide a variety of industrial coffee machines, they each perform tasks differently. You’ll notice that some of our machines are powered by electricity whilst others require a reliable gas supply; we make it easier for you to find a catering coffee machine that suits your personal preferences and the requirements of your business.

Whether you manage a restaurant café or a mobile catering business, we are confident that you’ll find a catering coffee machine to enhance the quality of the products that you serve to your customers!

Choosing the right catering coffee grinder will instantly enhance the quality of your coffee beans, ensuring that they are aromatic and enticing for customers from afar. To prevent any dissatisfied customers or inferior tastes, it’s recommended that you choose the right machine for your business. The team at Excel Trailers are always on hand to offer their expertise should you need any assistance choosing the best coffee machine and grinder- simply call us on 01279 422227 to discuss your needs further.

When it comes to making the strongest coffee of them all – the Americano – our industrial coffee machines are a must-have! The coffee machines and grinders allow you to maximise flavours and to create only the best coffee for your customers, can you afford to miss out?

Producing Lattes, Cappuccinos and Mochas, our catering coffee grinders are designed to be versatile, making it somewhat easier for you to satisfy the requirements of your queuing customers.

Within our extensive range of products, it’s inevitable that you’ll find the essentials for creating the perfect espresso! We supply the 4 Group, 3 Group and the 2 Group coffee machines, along with the electric coffee grinder and the knock out draw- allowing you to keep the mess to a minimum.

Could you benefit from the coffee machines and grinders that we supply at Excel Trailers? Check out our extensive range of products above!