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Catering Trailer Prices

Price List November 2017 Click here for Finance Calculator

TravelChef Range of Mobile Catering Trailers

Catering Trailer Model Axle Price
Travelchef 6ft (1.8m) Single Braked £5,400.00 catering_trailer
Travelchef 8ft (2.4m) Single Braked £5,999.00
Travelchef 10ft (3.0m) Single Braked £6,700.00
Travelchef 10ft (3.0m) Twin Braked £7,100.00
Travelchef 12ft (3.7m) Twin Braked £7,700.00

Vendor Range of Mobile Catering Trailers

Catering Trailer Model Axle Price
Vendor 8ft (2.4m) Single Braked £7,999.00 vendor_mobile
Vendor 10ft (3.0m) Single Braked £8,400.00
Vendor 10ft (3.0m) Twin Braked £8,900.00
Vendor 12ft (3.7m) Twin Braked £9,495.00

Professional Range of Mobile Catering Trailers

Catering Trailer Model Axle Price
Professional 12ft (3.7m) Twin Braked £10,875.00 professional_range
Professional 14ft (4.3m) Twin Braked £11,325.00
Professional 16ft (4.9m) Twin Braked £12,375.00
Professional 18ft (5.5m) Twin Braked £14,185.00
Professional 20ft (6.0m) Twin Braked £15,600.00
Professional 22ft (6.7m) Twin Braked £17,665.00

Catermaster Range of Mobile Catering Trailers

Catering Trailer Model Axle Price
Catermaster 12ft (3.7m) Twin Braked £12,635.00 catermaster
Catermaster 14ft (4.3m) Twin Braked £13,375.00
Catermaster 16ft (4.9m) Twin Braked £14,220.00
Catermaster 18ft (5.5m) Twin Braked £15,800.00
Catermaster 20ft (6.0m) Twin Braked £17,140.00
Catermaster 22ft (6.7m) Twin Braked £19,125.00

Bain Maries (Stainless Steel)

Model Price
2 Pot Dry-std-S/Line £275.00 bain_maries
3 Pot Dry-std-S/Line £280.00
3 Pot Wet-std-S/Line £325.00
4 Pot Dry/Wet-std-S/Line £345.00
6 Pot Wet MAXI £449.00
4 Pot Dry (Round) £329.00
4 Pot Wet (Round) £356.00

Boilers/Hot Water

Model Price
5 Gallon Dean Boiler £180.00 Boilers
5 Gallon Fuller / 25ltr Boiler £215.00
5 Gallon Dean Deluxe Boiler £225.00
8 Gallon Dean Deluxe Boiler £275.00
10 Gallon Fuller Boiler £395.00
Rinnai Hot Water System £195.00

Coolers / Refrigeration

Model Price
Comet Compact 125CV £1270.00 coolers
Comet Compact 150CV £1440.00
Under Counter Fridge £250.00
Tall Glass Fridge £600.00
Tall Glass Stainless Steel Fridge from £1022.00
RGE 100 Fridge LPG/Mains £450.00
RGE 400 F/Freezer LPG/Mains £1414.00
Branded Cooler 6ft from £730.00
Ice Cream Cabinet from £1024.00
Glass Under Counter Display Fridge from £350.00
Refrigerated Display Cases from £1190.00


Model Price
Crepe Machine Single £270.00 crepes
Crepe Machine Single Deluxe £310.00
Crepe Machine Twin Deluxe £750.00

Doughnuts / Fun Foods

Model Price
Doughnut Fryer with Hand Hopper £940.00 Doughnuts
Doughnut Fryer / Semi Auto Hopper £1230.00
40G Hand Hopper £1535.00
40GE Hand Hopper £1835.00
50GE Fully Auto Doughnut Machine £4175.00
Candy Floss Machine from £850.00
Popcorn Machine from £450.00
Popcorn Warmer from £300.00

Drink Machines & Accessories

Model Price
Slush / Milkshake Machine £1295.00 drink
Orange Juicing Machine £999.00
Smoothie Blender £780.00
Coffee Grinder £250.00
Knock Out Draw £75.00
Bean to Cup Machine £2005.00
2 Group Semi Auto Gas £2150.00
3 Group Semi Auto Gas £3130.00
Water Filter £290.00
100ltr Water Tank £280.00

Extractor Fans

Model Price
1000mm £1025.00 extractor
1200mm £1325.00
1800mm £1450.00
2000mm £1500.00
2400mm £1700.00
2800mm £1800.00

Frying Ranges/Scuttles

Model Price
Counter Top Model £630.00 frying
Counter Model Deluxe £715.00
Fryer 7.7ltr 4.8KW £985.00
Dean Frymaster 25ltr £950.00
Lincat 8ltr £1085.00
Lincat 6+6ltr £1445.00
Bertos 20+20ltr Twin £2290.00
Fish & Chip Range 2 Pan £2750.00
Fish & Chip Range 3 Pan £3750.00
Hopkins 2 Pan Range £6995.00
Scuttle Budget £325.00
Scuttle Deluxe £375.00
Bertos 20ltr, 1 Basket £1398.00


Model Price
Honda EU10i £700.00 generators
Honda EU20i £1100.00
Honda EU26i £1150.00
Honda EU30i £2500.00
Other makes and models available.  


Model Price
600mm Budget £320.00 griddles
750mm Budget £410.00
900mm Budget £619.00
1200mm Budget £740.00
600mm Deluxe 24″ £375.00
750mm Deluxe 30″ £475.00
900mm Deluxe 36″ £650.00
1200mm Deluxe 48″ £775.00
750mm Lincat £1,150.00

Kebab Machine / Charcoal Grills / Rotisserie

Model Price
3 Burner Electric Turner £730.00 kebab
4 Burner Electric Turner £775.00
5 Burner Electric Turner £825.00
2 Twin Burner Electric Turner £1250.00
3 Twin Electric Burner Turner £1325.00
Electric Doner Kebab Knife £215.00
Lincat 4560mm Charcoal Grill £1005.00
Lincat 600mm Charcoal Grill £1350.00
Rotisserie Gas from £2360.00

Ovens / Display Units / Burners

Model Price
Heater Display Unit £355.00 ovens
Potato Oven £1500.00
2 Ring Burner from £100.00
Bakery Oven from £1990.00
Pizza Oven £1296.00
4 Ring Burner Oven from £1690.00
Heated Display Serve Over Unit from £1316.00
Wok Burner £965.00

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All prices exclude VAT at the current rate. We reserve the right to change our prices without notice.

Trailer prices are based on the standard specification, trailer sizes are based on the box size


Leasing your purchase

You can pay for your mobile catering trailer in a variety of ways i.e, cash, credit or debit card, bankers draft etc, however, the information below is intended as a guide to funding your purchase via a leasing option

Benefits of leasing

  • Equipment when you need it, not only when budgets allow
  • Safeguard cash flow and cash reserves with a tailored payment plan rather than making one substantial outlay
  • Make budgeting simpler with fixed payments for the term of the lease
  • Offset 100% of the rentals against your tax liability to maximise tax efficiency
  • Secure the payment profile that best meets your budgetary and cash flow requirements
  • Utilise the flexibility inherent within the solution to effortlessly upgrade equipment during the lifetime of the lease
  • Preserve banking facilities and other lines of credit


Some of the leasing packages include:

Seasonal Lease

Ideal for customers who have busy and quiet periods in their trading by providing them with a payment stream which allows them to pay for the year during their more profitable months

Master Lease

For customers expecting to purchase multiple trailers over a period of time, this form of lease allows them to sign a single agreement and pay just one Direct Debit instead of several

Other leasing packages are available

The information provided on this page is intended as a guide only and does not constitute financial advice